A.You have the right to receive the best care medically indicated for your problem regardless of race, religion, national origin or the source of payment for your care.

You have the right to prompt life saving treatment in an emergency without discrimination on account of economic status or source of payment.

B. You have the right to be treated respectfully by all employees of Pendkar Hospitals.

Your individuality will be respected and differences in cultural and educational background taken into account. When you have a question you will be listened to and receive an appropriate and helpful response.

C.You have the right to privacy.

You may expect to talk with your doctor, nurse or our administration representative in private and know that the information you give will not be overheard or be given to others without your permission. In the hospital when you are in a semi-private room you can expect a sincere and reasonable attempt to keep all conversation confidential. When you are examined you are entitled to privacy. If you are hospitalized, no outsiders may see you without your permission. Your hospital records are private as well and no persons or agency beyond those caring for you may be permitted to see those records except the authorized statutory bodies.

D.You have the right to seek and receive all the information necessary for you to understand your medical condition.

You have the right to know the name of the doctor who is responsible for your care and to talk with that doctor and any others who give you care. You are entitled to know the probable diagnosis, planned course of treatment and the prognosis for the future. You have the right to ask your doctor or nurse any question that concerns you about your health.

E.You have the right to select your doctor and your treatment.

You have the right to say “yes” to the recommended treatment. You also have the right to say “No” to treatment and ask for medical consultation or a second opinion on your medical condition, if you so desire.

F.You have the right to leave the hospital even if your doctor advises against it.

If you decide to leave before the doctor’s advice, the hospital will not be responsible for any harm that this may cause you and you will be asked to sign a “Discharge Against Medical Advice” Form.

G.You have the right to understand and receive information on the payment of hospital bills on a day-to-day basis in accordance with the policies of the hospital.

H. You, your family or your guardian has the right to tell us when something is wrong in the delivery of your care.

If you do complain your care will not be affected in any way. Your feedback is welcome at all times.

You also have some responsibilities

1. Be honest with us, tell us all you know about your present illness, your previous hospitalizations if any and any other matter relating to your health that will help us treat you better.

2. Please tell us if you do not understand anything concerning your care or if you are unable to follow any instructions.

3. Respect the right of other patients and staff of the hospital. Please ensure that your visitors are considerate of other patients particularly with regards to noise and observe the “visiting hours” schedule of the hospital.

4. Observe the “No smoking” and other rules of the hospital

5. You have a responsibility to follow the treatment plan established by your physician, nurse and the healthcare professionals


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